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Why is the number of searches so high for EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)?

When a search box is implemented for your institution, statistics are recorded each time that search box is used. This means for each time the Search button is clicked EDS will create a Session, or ‘Login’, and a Search. The search will be recorded against every database that is part of the EDS profile.

Example: If you have 10 EBSCOhost databases and a user runs 25 searches, the usage statistics would show 250 searches instead of 25 searches.

When you run the database usage report you will notice that the number of searches is common for most EBSCOhost databases for that month. To see a more accurate number of searches submitted by users (as opposed to the total number queries) in a given time period you will want to run the Database Usage Report and choose level: profile. When you look at the number of searches for the databases in the eds profile, you see that the number is common for most. That commonly occurring number of searches per database will be an indicator of the number of searches performed in EDS.

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