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What is guest access and how do I configure it for users?

Guest access allows non-authenticated users to begin searching without logging in. Users can search all materials that belong to the library, including catalog results. If the user finds an article they would like to read, they can log in and access the full text.

EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) and Full Text Finder offer the ability to grant guest access to non-authenticated users. Profiles with guest access can be used in conjunction with a search box to provide seamless access to all resources from your library’s home page.

When searching as a guest, users:

  • Can search all EBSCO Discovery content. (Applies to EDS.)
  • Can view detail records and real-time catalog information for catalog and institutional repository results. (Applies to EDS.)
  • Must log in to view full-text content from an institution’s databases.
  • Must log in to print, email, save, or export their results.
  • Must log in to view Integrated Search results.

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