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Ranking CustomLinks in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

EBSCOadmin allows administrators to set the order of the Full Text links that appear on the EDS result list. For example, if you would like a specific CustomLink to appear before EBSCOhost  Full Text, the order can be adjusted to display it accordingly. It is important to think about the order of the links for your institution because preferences do vary.  

EBSCOhost Linked Full Text option links records in EDS to Full Text available via EBSCO e-journals or CrossRef. These are referred to as SmartLinks+ and the link will carry the user to the full text hosted on the provider's website. 

EBSCOhost Full Text (PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text) links records in EDS to Full Text that is available in any EBSCO database. These links are used by EDS (and EBSCOhost) to provide users with full text resident in one EBSCO database, from  any EBSCO database in which that citations appears.  These are referred to as SmartLinks.

EDS Partner Database and Publisher CustomLinks are links  EBSCO created, often with input from the publisher or content provider.  This ensures that links in EDS work as accurately as possible with the target records provided.  Look for CustomLinks marked as "EDS -- Partner Name" in EBSCOadmin, though CustomLink labels can vary. 

Link Resolvers utilize OpenURL technology. Records may not always have the data structure to pass the user as seamlessly to the content. With this in mind we recommend ordering other links above your link resolver.  

When you add a new CustomLink, it is placed at the end of the list. To facilitate the management, we recommend leaving space in your sequence to allow for more CustomLinks to be added in the future, as the content in EDS expands.

For example:

  1. 0 -  Linked Full Text
  2. 0 – Publisher CustomLink
  3. 0 – Publisher CustomLink
  4. 0 – Publisher CustomLink
  5. 0 – Publisher CustomLink
  6. 2 – EDS Partner Database
  7. 2 – EDS Partner Database
  8. 3 – EDS Partner Database
  9. 4 – EDS Partner Database 
  10. 99 – EBSCOhost Full Text (PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text)
  11. 100 (or higher) - Your link resolver

Note: CustomLinks can share the same ranking.  This is useful as it allows administrators to easily insert a new CustomLink

Depending on how you configure your institution's Available in Library Collection Limiter you may need to create two versions of your link resolver CustomLink.  For more information please see this Support FAQ:

Configuring your link resolver to display for all records in EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

Instructions for reordering your CustomLinks:

Full Text Links screen

  1. Login to EBSCOadmin.
  2. Under the Customize Services tab, select your EBSCO Discovery Service profile from the Choose Profile list.
  3. Click the Linking sub-tab.
  4. Click the Modify link for CustomLinks. The Full Text Links screen is displayed.
  5. Reorder your Full Text links using the number fields in the Order column on the left. You may also choose to reorder your Other Custom Links in the area below your Full Text links.
  6. Place a check in the Show First Available FullText Link Only  (Recommended) box is selected. This allows only the first available Full Text link appear. This is selected in your account by default.
  7. Click Submit.

Full Text Linking from EBSCO on Vimeo.