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How do I change the title format for a subscription I am renewing?

EBSCONET offers an easy way to view and change the title format for a renewal. On the Renewals page, the message Alternative Format Available indicates titles with formats that can be changed. Follow these steps to change the title format:

  1. Click the title's name on the Renewals page. The title's renewal details display.

  2. Under Alternative Format, click the desired format.

  3. If there is only one choice for the new format, the Renewal - Alternative Format Details page displays with the new title information. Otherwise, the Title Search page displays the multiple choices for the new format. Click the preferred title, and the Renewal - Alternative Format Details page displays.

  4. Click the Change Format on Renewal button and select a rate for the renewal. Click the Continue with Renewal button in the pop-up window and the Modify Renewal page displays.

  5. Enter or change order information on the Modify Renewals page.

  6. Click Save Changes, and a Thank you page displays.

The new title format will be in effect when the subscription is renewed. If you need to change the title format during the current subscription, contact your EBSCO customer service representative (CSR).