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Dynamic Health - Managing Your Results

Dynamic Health features several options for managing your results after conducting your search.

All Results

The default display after conducting a search is the All results tab.

dynamic health all results tab

  • Read a Skill guide by clicking the hyperlinked guide name.

  • Go directly to a specific section of Skill guide by clicking a section heading.

  • View Videos and Images by using the tabs at the top of the result list or the areas to the right of the list.

Video Results

Click the Videos tab to view only videos related to your search terms.

dynamic health video results

  • Click the Play button to watch a video.

  • Click the View in Skill Guide link to see the video in context with the Skill Guide content.

Image Results

Click the Images tab to view only images related to your search terms.

dynamic health image results

  • Click View Large to view the full-sized image.

  • Click View in Skill Guide to view the image in context of the Skill guide content.