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Using the DynaMed Mobile App - FAQs

The information on this page details how to use the DynaMed app on your iOS or Android device. For information on how to install and authenticate the app, please see: How do I install and authenticate the DynaMed app on my mobile device?


Q. How do I search the app for DynaMed topics?

To search the DynaMed app, tap the Filter List box in the Index and begin typing your terms. As you type, topics matching your terms appear. Tap a name to view the DynaMed topic.

To return to the Index at any time, tap the Index icon index icon.


Q. How do I view the sections of a DynaMed topic?

When viewing a DynaMed topic, you can select to view individual sections of the topic (Update information, General Information, Uses and Efficacy, etc.) by tapping the menu icon in the upper left of the screen menu icon and tapping a section name from the list.


Q. How do I share a DynaMed topic from the app?

You can e-mail or print a DynaMed topic by tapping the share icon - share icon on iOS devices (iOS) or share icon on android devices (Android). Then tap Print or E-mail. Your device's e-mail application opens a new e-mail with the topic attached as a file.


Q. How do I leave a note on a DynaMed topic?

To leave a note on a DynaMed topic for your own reference at a later time, tap the Note icon - note icon on iOS devices (iOS) or note icon on android devices (Android). Enter your note text and tap Save. When you have notes saved in the DynaMed app, the Note icon displays lines (notes available on iOS icon or notes available on android icon) to highlight that notes are available.


Q. How do I save a DynaMed topic to my favorites?

To save a DynaMed topic to your favorites, tap the Favorite icon favorite a topic icon. You can view your favorites at any time by tapping the Favorites icon favorites added icon at the top of the screen.


Q. How do I check for updates in the DynaMed Mobile app?

When updates to DynaMed content are available, you are notified on Updates bottom of the app. Tap Updates and tap the updates to install.

updates button

You can also check for Updates by tapping Check for Updates. If updates are available, they are displayed in the list.