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Using the EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer

The EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer is a powerful tool that allows you to view full text content in the Digital Archives databases using a wide variety of features while maintaining the personalized functionality of EBSCOhost.

EBSCOhost Content Viewer

Using the Left column

Under the column on the left-hand side, you can:

  • Detailed Record – Display title, author and subject information for the current article.

  • Search – Enter keywords in the Find field and search the entire issue or just the current page.

  • Choose Another Issue – Choose another issue of the publication currently being viewed.

  • Contents – Display article or chapter titles for the entire issue or individual monograph. Titles are hyperlinked for easy access to each article.

  • Illustrations – Display links to illustrations found in the issue.

  • Folder Items – Display the pages or articles you have added to your My EBSCOhost folder.

Note: You can collapse the left and right columns and top header to expand the viewport to fit the entire browser window by clicking the Collapse/Expand arrow arrows found at the top of the columns and above the PDF viewing area.

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Using the EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer Toolbar

The EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer Toolbar provides several tools for you to view and save your document.

Top Toolbar

Add to folder toolbar

Add page to folder - Ad only the current page to the folder. When you add a page to your folder, it will appear in the Pages section of the folder. If viewing the two-page view, an Add page to folder icon will appear on either side of the toolbar. Click an icon to add the appropriate page to your folder.

Add article to folder - Add the article to the folder by clicking the folder icon next to the article title in the center of the toolbar.

Bottom Toolbar

EBSCOhost Content View Toolbar 

  • Fit Page to Viewport – Click to expand the entire page to fit your screen, hiding the right and left toolbars.

  • Fit Page – Fit entire page within viewport without hiding other features.

  • Two page view – Click to view two pages of an item at a time. Click again to view one page at a time.

  • Page Zoom – Use the page zoon buttons to zoom in (+) and out (-) on the page.

  • Page Navigation – Use the page navigation arrows to move forward or back one page at a time, go to the beginning or end of the document, or enter a page number in the field provided.

  • Rotate Page – You can rotate the page 90 degrees at a time by using the Rotate Page button. This is particularly useful for viewing illustrations on a page.

  • Highlight Search Keywords – The search keywords are highlighted based on the search conducted. Click to remove highlight from the page. Click again to re-highlight keywords.

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EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer Maps

To use the EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer Maps:

  • Page Map – You can navigate around a zoomed page using the Page Map tool in the lower right-hand corner. Drag the yellow area of the Page Map to the area of the document you would like to view. Click the x in the upper right corner to minimize the Page Map.

    Page Map

  • Document Map – You can select any page from the entire document using the Document Map found in the lower left-hand corner. Pages highlighted in yellow indicate pages that include your search term(s). Your terms will also appear highlighted in yellow on the page. Click the x in the upper right corner to minimize the Document Map.

    Document Map

    The icons in the Document Map indicate the type of content on each page. They also act as filters when clicked, to filter pages by type of content:

    • Show the Current Page icon - Show the current page.
    • Show pages with keyword search matches icon - Show pages with keyword search matches.
    • Show pages from the current article icon - Show pages from the current article.
    • Show pages with illustrations icon - Show pages with illustrations.
    • Show pages with notes icon - Show pages with Notes.
    • Show pages you have collected to your     folder icon - Show pages you have collected to your folder.
    • Show pages that are missing or cannot be scanned icon - Show pages that are missing or cannot be scanned.

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Article/Chapter Navigation

Articles with matching search terms are zoned with a red outline. If the article goes beyond one page, it is indicated by a small arrow in the lower right corner. Click on either arrow to advance to the next page. The citation information for this article will appear in the Citation field in the left column. You can turn off the zone highlighting feature by clicking once in the selected zone.

To view the citation information of another article appearing on the page, hold your mouse over the article and left-click. The red outline will move to the selected article and the citation information will be updated. Citation information for books and monographs will be at the book level throughout.

Article/Chapter Navigation

Because some articles may continue on pages that are not sequential and appear later in an issue, there are two page navigation arrow functions.

  • The larger, black arrow icon will display the next or previous page of the issue.

  • The small red arrow that appears along the red article outline will display the next or previous sequential page of the article.

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Using Choose Another Issue

You have the ability to access other issues of the publication you are viewing from the Choose Another Issue menu on the left.

  1. Click Choose Another Issue to expand the Issue tree list.

  2. Select the year and then click the issue you would like to view.

    The selected issue is displayed in the viewer.

Issue Tree Navigation

Additional features located in the top panel:

  • Result List – Click this link (rather than your browser's back button) to return to your original EBSCOhost result list.
  • New Search – You can execute a new search of the database by clicking the New Search link. You can change databases by clicking on the link "Choose Databases" above the main search box.
  • Sign In – Log in to your personal folder to save articles or annotations.
  • Folder – Click the Folder link to view items in the folder.
  • Help – Access online Help for the EBSCOhost Digital Archives Viewer.

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E-mail/Save/Print PDF Functions

To E-mail a PDF of the page or article you are viewing:

  1. From the Digital Archives Viewer screen, click the E-mail Adobe PDF button.

    E-mail PDF Button

  2. The E-mail PDF window appears.

    E-mail PDF Window

  3. From the E-mail PDF window, specify:

    • Include in PDF: Article, Current Page(s) or Specific Pages.
    • Citation Format
    • Enter an E-mail from address (optional).
    • Enter recipient(s) e-mail addresses.
    • Enter a Subject. (optional)
    • Enter Comments. (optional)
    • Format: Rich Text or Plain Text
  4. Click the E-mail PDF button. A PDF will be e-mailed to the e-mail addresses entered.

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To Save or Print a PDF of the page or article you are viewing:

  1. From the Digital Archives Viewer screen, click the Save/Print Adobe PDF button.

    Print/Save PDF Button

  2. The Create PDF window appears.

    Create PDF Window

  3. From the Create PDF window, specify:

    • Include in PDF: Article, Current Page(s), or Specific Pages
  4. Click the Open/Save Now button. A File Download dialog box will appear giving you the option to Save the PDF to your computer or open the PDF to print it.

    Save Dialog Box

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To copy a persistent link to the article you are viewing in the Digital Archives Viewer:

  1. From the Digital Archives Viewer screen, click the Permalink button.

    Permalink     Button

  2. The Permalink window appears with the option to copy a persistent link or Bookmark the page using one of several available services.

    Permalink Window 

    • You can copy the Permalink by highlighting it and using your browser’s copy function.

    • Click the Bookmark button to bookmark the page in Internet Explorer, Firefox, via, Yahoo! Bookmarks, Furl, Google Notebook, or any number of other bookmarking services.

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Bookmark & Annotate

To use the Bookmark & Annotate feature from the Digital Archives Viewer:

  1. From the article page on which you would like to leave a note, click on the Bookmark & Annotate button in the toolbar.

    Content Viewer Toolbar

  2. The Create Note window appears.

    Create Note Window

  3. Enter your note text in the Note field. When finished entering your note, click the Save button.

  4. The Note is saved to the folder and is accessible from the Folder Items area in the left-hand column.

    Content Viewer Folder Area

  5. From inside the EBSCOhost folder, your note is available by clicking Notes in the menu on the left side. To save your note beyond this session, sign in to your My EBSCOhost folder.

    Folder View - Notes Section

  6. To view your Note, click the Note title in the folder. You can view the page on which the note was taken by clicking the View Context link.

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