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Advanced Medical Searching on EBSCOhost

This help sheet demonstrates how to use the Suggest Subject Terms and Search History features to build an Advanced search in the MEDLINE and CINAHL databases on EBSCOhost.

  1. Log on to EBSCO at

  2. Choose a medical research database such as a MEDLINE or CINAHL database.

  3. Type your search term in the search box and check the Suggest Subject Terms box.

    Guided style find fields with suggest subject terms checked

  4. Click the Search button.

    The Headings screen is displayed.

    CINAHL/MeSH Headings

  5. Check the box next to the most relevant subject term from the suggested options:

    Heading selected

  6. Follow the blue line and decide whether to Explode and restrict to a Major Concept and decide whether to Include All Subheadings.

  7. Click Search Database.

    A result list of items matching your selected subject term is displayed.

    Result list

  8. Type a second term into the search box and repeat Steps 5 through 7 on the Headings screen.

    Find field

  9. Combine the two terms you have searched by checking the boxes and click the Search with AND button.

    Search History

  10. Use the limiters in the Limit to area in the left-hand column to reduce your results to a more manageable selection.

    Select limiters

    Click Show More to view all available limiters.

  11. Select the limiters you want to apply to your search and click Search at the top or bottom of this page.


    An updated result list is displayed.