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What is the Company Information feature?

EBSCO’s Company Information is a complementary component of Business Source Complete and Business Source Corporate Plus. This company directory provides detailed information for more than one million of the largest U.S. and international companies with parent, headquarters and subsidiary records.

Features and functionalities include:

  • Company physical and mailing addresses
  • Description of company business
  • Company contact information
  • Financial details including revenue, gross profit and net profit (when available)
  • Products (when available)
  • Top executives and administrative titles
  • Subsidiaries
  • NAICS (with links to industry related articles) and SIC codes
  • Additional valuable company information, such as year founded, ticker symbol, plant/facility size, etc.
  • Advanced searching functionality with company-specific limiters
  • Ability to view and quickly access parent and subsidiary companies directly from each company landing page.
  • Access to related information from a comprehensive collection of academic journals, trade publications, magazines, company profiles, SWOT analyses, and industry reports via a single search.

How many company records are included within Company Information?
Company Information contains over a million companies. This includes the top 50% U.S. and top 50% Non-U.S. companies by sales, excluding branch locations. All upward and downward linking records are included.

How many private companies are in Company Information?
Approximately 30% of the company entries have been identified as being private.

How can I access the Ultimate Parent record of a company?

  1. On the Company Information search screen, check off the Ultimate Parent radio button when searching for a company.
  2. Click on the company name below Global Ultimate Parent on the company landing page. This will take you directly to the record of the ultimate parent company.

How do I find the subsidiaries of a company or view the corporate family tree?
Within the company record, click on the section Subsidiaries.
Search for the company with the Ultimate Parent radio button selected. On the results list, you can view the subsidiaries for each company by selecting the plus sign to the left of each company name.

What is the best way to search using the NAICS and SIC Limiters?
The exact NAICS or SIC description is not necessary to use the limiters. Inserting words associated with the desired industry will provide results that best match your terms. You can also click on SIC Codes / Description or NAICS Code / Description to view a comprehensive list of SIC and NAICS codes, along with their complete descriptions.

How often will the Company Information database be updated?
The Company Information database is scheduled to be updated on a monthly basis.

How do I export company records to a CSV (Excel) file?

  1. From your result list, select the company record(s) that you would like to export to a CSV file (you may export up to 25 company records at a time).
  2. Select the radio button to open the file using Microsoft Office Excel and click OK.

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