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How do I use the Thesaurus in the Business Source databases?

The Thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of business terms that assists in more effectively searching Business Source® Premier, Business Source® Complete, Business Source® Corporate, Business Source® Elite, and Corporate ResourceNet®.

It is accessed by clicking the Thesaurus link in the top toolbar of each EBSCOhost screen.

To use the business thesaurus:

  1. Click the Thesaurus link in the top toolbar of EBSCOhost or the Subjects link in the Advanced Search screen of the Business Searching Interface.

  2. Enter terms in the Browse for field and select to view results alphabetically or by relevance.

  3. Click the Browse button to view a list of terms.

  4. Click on a term to obtain a detailed hierarchical display associated with that term. (Options include Broader Terms, Related Terms, and Used For.)

  5. You can select a term to add to a search query. Additional terms can be added to the search query by selecting and, or, not.