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Getting the most out of your Business Source Corporate Plus subscription

The key to widespread adoption of Business Source Corporate Plus (BSC+)  is demonstrated support by company leaders, resource visibility and integration,  and communication and training. It is vital that the user’s first experience with BSC+is a positive one and that its indispensability is quickly realized. Below are a few recommended best practices:

  • Review the materials in the Business Source Promotion Kit.

  • Conduct a short introductory meeting with department heads, managers, and corporate trainers to introduce BSC+.

    • Discuss overall objectives for integrating BSC+.
    • Propose a timeline and designate members of a roll-out committee to assist with integration.
    • Conduct a brief training to introduce the group to EBSCOhost/BSC+ features and uses.
  • “Turn on” Business Source Corporate Plus and include it on an electronic resources Web page or intranet site. You can work with the EBSCO Technical Support Team to accomplish this. There should be easy and intuitive navigation which is consistent with other electronic resources.

  • Consider linking directly to key content, such Company Profiles. See the following FAQ for more details: What are the start page choices for EBSCO’s Business Source databases in EBSCOhost and the Business Searching Interface?

  • Announce availability of BSC+ using email, newsletters, and flyers (see Promotion Kit).  A high level of awareness drives early adoption.

    • Make sure information on accessing BSC+ is clear. Potential users need to be able to locate the access point quickly and easily.

    • Emphasize how to create alerts. Alerts deliver updated information via email notifying the user that new information is available with a convenient link to their topic of interest.

  • Announce formal training times and locations. Training is best accomplished in a classroom or computer lab setting, where hands-on practice is available. Lunch-n-learn format is often a great way to increase attendance, especially if lunch is provided. Options for off-site campuses/locations should also be pursued.

    • Note: Webinars or on-site training sessions by EBSCO staff are available and encouraged. There is no fee and participants can register individually. See