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Searching for EBSCO eBooks

This page demonstrates how to search for EBSCO eBooks.
Searching for eBooks

The default search screen for EBSCO eBooks is basic search. The eBook Collection landing page displayed below is available by clicking the eBooks link in the top toolbar.

eBooks on ebscohost home screen

There are several ways to search for EBSCO eBooks:

  • Perform a keyword search of the eBooks database using the Find field.

  • Search eBooks by Lexile using the Lexile field code in the Find field. For example, search LX 410 to search for eBooks matching that Lexile. To learn more about Lexiles, see: Lexile Reading Levels.

  • Browse by Category by selecting a category from the column on the left.

  • View the Highlighted eBooks using the left and right arrows or click View All to view a result list of all highlighted eBooks.

  • View Featured eBooks using the left and right arrows or click View All to view a result list of all Featured eBooks.

To search for eBooks:

  1. Enter your search terms in the Find field and click the Search button

    ebooks search

  2. A Result List of eBooks related to your search terms is displayed.

    ebooks result list

  3. Click an eBook Full Text link (PDF or EPUB) to read the book in the eBook Viewer tool.

  4. Click the Download icon to check out the book and read it on your computer using Adobe Digital Editions. (See Checking out and Downloading EBSCO eBooks)

    Note: Libraries that have eBook download capabilities enabled, will see a Download icon.

  5. Click the Table of Contents link to view the chapters of an eBook. You can go directly to a chapter in the eBook Viewer tool by clicking on a hyperlinked chapter.

    Note: Sections in the Table of Contents with a plus sign (+) can be expanded further by clicking the plus sign.

eBooks and the My EBSCOhost Folder

eBooks may appear in the folder in three areas.

my ebscohost folder

eBooks: When a user adds an eBook to their folder, information about the eBook appears in the eBooks area of the folder, without the eBook being checked out. eBooks may be added to the folder by clicking on the folder icon in the Result List or Detailed Record.

Holds: When a hold is placed on an eBook that is in use by another patron, it is added to the Holds area. Holds must be enabled by your library to place a hold on an eBook.

Checkouts: When an eBook is checked out, it is added to the Checkouts area of the folder. If you have not yet downloaded the eBook, it can be accessed and downloaded from here.