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What happened to the EBSCO eBook mobile app?

As of May 2018, EBSCO has retired the EBSCO eBooks mobile app. With EPUB files becoming increasingly advanced, EBSCO has invested in this format to provide a robust online and mobile experience. EPUB allows for reflowable text, display modification and increased compatibility with screen readers, so we are confident that the future of EPUB will provide the best user experience for our customers and your users. Since the current EBSCO eBooks app is not compatible with this advanced functionality, we have decided to re-evaluate our mobile offering.

For those who want to continue with an app experience, EBSCO eBooks are compatible with the Bluefire Reader, or any other Adobe Digital Editions supported app.

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Can I still access the usage reports from the retired EBSCO eBooks mobile app?

Yes, the EBSCO eBooks mobile app was retired in May 2018 but these historical statistics will remain available in EBSCOadmin.

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Where can I find my eBook mobile usage going forward?

You can find your institution's eBook mobile usage with the eBook Title Usage report. To learn more about this report, please see:

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