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How can I view publisher permissions for an eBook title?

If there specific publisher permissions for an eBook title, they are displayed on the Detailed Record for an eBook.

Publisher Permissions

Publisher permissions may include the number of pages that can be printed or saved as well as any restrictions on copying and pasting eBook content into another document using your browser's copy/paste functionality.

To view publisher permissions for an eBook:

  1. Search your institution's EBSCO eBooks collection for a title of interest.

  2. Click the eBook title in the result list to view the Detailed Record.

    eBooks result list

  3. Scroll down to view the Publisher Permissions field, displayed below Accession Number.

    eBook Detailed Record with displayed publisher permissions

PDF Document Properties

In addition to publisher permissions, there are security settings available for eBook PDFs that detail what can be done with a downloaded eBook.

To view Document Properties:

  1. Open the eBook PDF in Adobe Reader.

  2. Click the Security Icon in the column on the left.

  3. Click the Permission Details link.

    The Document Properties window opens with the Security tab displayed.

The Document Restrictions Summary displays what can be done with the PDF.

For example: If Page Extraction is listed as Not Allowed, pages from the PDF cannot be extracted and added to other PDFs.