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How can I link to eBooks or eBook chapters in my syllabus or on Blackboard?

Obtaining a link directly to an EBSCO eBook or eBook chapter is easy when you use the permalink feature in EBSCOhost.

To copy a permalink to an eBook or eBook chapter:

  1. Log onto EBSCOhost at

  2. Navigate to a title by searching eBooks by title, author, publisher, etc.

  3. Click a full text link to view the eBook in the eBook Viewer.

  4. Use the Permalink tool on the tool bar to generate the link.

    eBook Viewer - Permalink

    The permalink tool will take users to whatever page from which you generated the link. (If you’re on the book cover, the link will take users to the cover. If you’re on the first page of a chapter, or a page within a chapter, users will be taken to that specific page.)

  5. Insert these permalinks into Blackboard, Moodle, or any other course management software.

Note: if you choose to use a link to an EBSCO eBook, rather than a PDF chapter, make sure your students know how to authenticate to their library resources so that it is clear they have rights to access the title. Otherwise, the library’s authentication system may turn them away if their IP’s are out of range or if they haven’t been identified in some way.