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Can I “close” an EBSCO eBook that I’ve been viewing online, so it becomes available to another user?

For institutions that have purchased eBook titles under a one book/unlimited user (1BUU) model, those titles are always available to all users. However, for eBooks purchased under a one book single user, or three user (1B1U, 1B3U) model, there may be times that a title is not available and a “Sorry, this eBook is in use” message is displayed because that title’s user limit has been reached.

eBooks that are being viewed online can be “closed” and made available to other users, by clicking the Result List, New Search, Back, or Exit links in the eBook Viewer.

If an eBook is left “open” in a browser window but is no longer being used, then the eBook becomes available to other users after the last user’s EBSCOhost session expires (30 minutes, by default) and the system confirms that they haven’t used the title in 5 minutes (for a total of up to 35 minutes).