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EBSCO Audiobooks Promotion Kit

Thank you for subscribing to EBSCO Audiobooks. Below you will find an array of materials for promoting this unique online resource throughout your organization.

Video Tutorials
Need help preparing for an upcoming training of your users or librarians on EBSCO Audiobooks? Our video tutorials provide audio narration with matching text to guide users on how to use the database.

EBSCOhost Search Box Builder
Boost usage of EBSCO Audiobooks (and other EBSCOhost databases) by embedding this user-friendly tool on the company web site.

Getting Started and Troubleshooting Resources
The following FAQs include links to tutorials and other helpful resources to assist you with accessing EBSCO Audiobooks on Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple (iOS) devices.

EBSCO Audiobooks Logos and Buttons
Use these downloadable graphics as links or advertisements, in print or on a website.

Printable Materials