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Can I set up alerts to be notified when my eBook and Audiobook titles approach or reach our maximum uses?

The Concurrent Access Model (CAM) provides a perpetual license to eBooks available on an unlimited concurrent access basis up to an annual maximum of uses (typically 365 uses). Once that number is met, the eBook becomes unavailable. On the anniversary of the purchase date, the number of uses is reset to the original maximum.

Using EBSCOadmin, administrators can set up Concurrent Access and Turnaway alerts to be notified when the annual maximum number of uses is approached. This helps to inform purchasing decisions, enabling you to elect to purchase a new copy or upgrade an existing copy to avoid additional turnaways.

  • CAM Alerts let you know when a title purchased with the Concurrent Access Model has few remaining uses.
  • Turnaway Alerts let you know when a patron is unable to access a title due to limited use licenses.

Note: CAM alerts are not available for Audiobook titles.

How to Set up CAM and Turnaway Alerts

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance link at the top of the screen.

    site/group maintenance link
  2. Click the Go link under eBooks or Audiobooks.

    ebooks and audiobooks "go" links for settings

    eBook and Audiobook alerts must be configured separately.

  3. In the Activity Alerts area:

    CAM / turnaway alert settings
    • Enable Concurrent Access Model (CAM) Alerts: Set to Yes to enable CAM alerting functionality.

    • Alert When Remaining Uses Reach: Select a number from the drop-down at which you would like to be notified for CAM titles. (For example, select 20 to be automatically alerted when 20 uses remain for an eBook in your collection.)

      Alerts are always sent when a title has zero uses remaining.

    • Email Address(es) for CAM Alerts: Click Modify to enter the email address or addresses you wish to receive alerts.

    • Enable Turnaway Alerts: Set to Yes to enable Turnaway alerting functionality.

    • Email Address(es) for Turnaway Alerts: Click Modify to enter the email address or addresses you wish to receive alerts.

  4. Click Submit to save your changes.


  • You can adjust the email addresses receiving alerts at any time by returning to eBook or Audiobook settings screen and clicking Modify to add or remove addresses.

  • Be sure to add to your email whitelist to ensure that you will receive your CAM/Turnaway alerts.


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