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How do I request custom MARC records for EBSCO eBooks?

EBSCO eBooks customers need to set up access to OCLC's WorldShare Collection Manager service. To get OCLC MARC records from Collection Manager, customers need to have a Collection Manager account.

Need a Collection Manager account? Follow the steps below to request one.

Did you miss a record update? Contact EBSCO Technical Support for help.


If you do not have a Collection Manager account:

  1. Fill out the Request Form to receive your Welcome Guide and instructions for creating an account.
  2. Set up your account and preferences with the instructions and documentation OCLC will provide.


If you do have a Collection Manager account:

  • Contact OCLC Support and say "Please load my EBSCO collections. My OCLC symbol is [###]. My Registry ID is [number].”


Next, customers will need to perform a one-time setup process to configure their MARC record delivery and customization preferences. Detailed instructions and information about this process can be found here and in OCLC’s EBSCO Guide.