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How can administrators modify the checkouts and holds settings for EBSCO eBooks and Audiobooks?

The following customizable settings for eBook and Audiobook checkouts and holds are available from the Site/Group Maintenance area of EBSCOadmin:

  1. Click the Site/Group Maintenance button in the toolbar.

  2. Click the Go link below eBooks or Audiobooks to access the available settings.

    The eBooks or Audiobooks settings screen is displayed.

    ebooks settings in EBSCOadmin

  3. Adjust your settings:

    • Allow Download Outside eBook Viewer (eBooks only): Set to Yes to allow eBook downloading from the Result List or Detailed Record. Selecting No requires eBook patrons to view the eBook full text in the viewer to access the Download (Offline) link.

    • Maximum Simultaneous Checkouts, Per User: Enter the maximum number of checkouts per user you wish to allow in the field provided.

    • Checkout Duration: Enter the maximum checkout duration you wish to allow per eBook or Audiobook in the field provided.

      • Note: The recommended duration is 7 days.
    • Checkout Duration Format: Choose a checkout duration format: Hours, Days, or Weeks.

    • Concurrent Access Offline Checkout Duration (eBooks Only): Enter the maximum Concurrent Access checkout duration you wish to allow per eBook in the field provided.

      This allows you to set a different offline checkout duration for titles you subscribe to with Concurrent Access. This can help you ensure all concurrent access uses are not spent within your subscription period.

      • Note: The recommended duration is a maximum of 7 days.
    • Concurrent Access Offline Checkout Duration Format (eBooks Only): Choose a checkout duration format for Concurrent Access: Hours, Days, or Weeks.

    • Allow Users to Select Checkout Duration: Select Yes to allow users to choose a checkout duration from a drop-down menu upon checking out a title.

    • Allow Offline (Download) Checkout of 1B1U Titles (eBooks only): Set to No to prevent downloading of titles for which you have purchased 1B1U access. (Default = Yes)

    • Allow Holds: Select On to allow users to place a Hold on titles that are currently checked out by other users.

    • Number of Holds Allowed: Select a maximum number of Holds allowed for eBooks or Audiobooks users.

    • Hold Ready Duration: Select the length of time a patron has access to a title for which they have placed a Hold request and has become available.

    • Hold Request Expires After: Select an amount of time after which eBooks or Audiobooks Hold requests expire.

  4. Click Submit to save your changes.