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How can I access eBook Subscription usage reports using EBSCOadmin?

If you subscribe to eBook or Audiobook collections from EBSCO, you can access eBook Subscription Usage reports using the EBSCOadmin Reports and Statistics feature.

To run an eBook Subscription Usage Report:

  1. Click Reports & Statistics in the tool bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click Subscription Usage Report in the eBooks section.

  3. Report Type: From the drop-down list, select which report you want to run.

  4. Site: Select to run the report for all sites or an individual site. (Consortia customers only.)

  5. Subscription: Select the eBooks or Audiobooks subscription product for which you would like a report.

  6. Reporting Period: Select the month and year for which you want to run the report. (Reporting period can be from 1-12 months; up to three years of details are available.)

  7. Click Create Report for Download. The system indicates that your report is being created and when finished, it will be available from the Download Reports tab.

  8. Click the Download Reports tab and then click the Export link for your report.

    A dialog box appears. You can save the report to your hard drive as an .xlsx file, or select to open it with Excel.