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MARC Records for eBook Subscriptions - Frequently Asked Questions

New Subscription Set-Up

Q. After I subscribe, how can I receive MARC Records?

As of early 2016, all customers will be able to retrieve their records using OCLC’s WorldShare Collection Manager service. To get OCLC MARC records from Collection Manager, customers need to have a Collection Manager account.

  • If you do not have a Collection Manager account:
    • Fill out the Request Form to receive your Welcome Guide and instructions for creating an account.
    • Set up your account and preferences with the instructions and documentation OCLC will provide.
  • If you do have a Collection Manager account:
    • Contact OCLC Support and say "Please load my EBSCO collections. My OCLC symbol is [###]. My Registry ID is [number].”
  • Next, customers will need to perform a one-time setup process to configure their MARC record delivery and customization preferences. Detailed instructions and information about this process can be found here and in OCLC’s EBSCO Guide.
Subscription Additions

Q. On average, how many new titles are added to the subscription over time?

The number of additions varies per subscription. For example, additions to the Academic Collection over the past 2 years average over 4,868 titles per update.

Q. When and how will I be notified of the titles that were added?

Once you subscribe to a collection, you will be added to a listserv to receive notifications of additions and removals so that you can keep your catalog up to date. New titles are added to the subscriptions quarterly (January, April, July, and October).

Q. Are my WorldCat holdings updated when the collection is updated?

If you have requested for OCLC to load your EBSCO collections, OCLC will set holdings automatically for titles added and removed to the collection. Please contact for assistance with loading your EBSCO holdings.

Subscription Removals

Q. When are titles removed from subscriptions?

To ensure continuous access during the academic calendar, titles will be removed from subscription collections bi-annually, in January and July. If there is an extraordinary circumstance which forces EBSCO to remove titles mid-semester, customers will receive notice about the affected titles/publishers and the reason for the change.

Q. How will I be notified of the titles that were removed?

EBSCO will provide notice at least three weeks prior to removing titles. You will receive listserv notification from EBSCO, including a title list in spreadsheet format.

Q. Why are titles removed from subscriptions?

Titles are removed from subscriptions for two primary reasons: changes may occur in the rights agreements between EBSCO and the publisher or between the publisher and author; or the Collection Development Team may choose to weed out content that is no longer deemed an asset to the collection (at the recommendation of customers or advisory board members).

Q. Does this removal affect titles that my library has purchased?

No, the notifications that you receive pertain only to titles removed from subscriptions.

Q. On average, how many titles might be removed from the subscription over time?

The number of removals varies per subscription. EBSCO carefully considers the impact of title removals to the overall product value, and offsets these with additions wherever possible.

Q. How do I replace the email address you have on file for listserv updates?

Please contact

EBSCO eBooks and EBSCO Discovery Service

Q. How are my EBSCO eBooks MARC Records handled in EBSCO Discovery Service?

EBSCO maintains records in EDS for all EBSCO eBooks accessible to your users, including subscription collections, purchased titles, and eBooks available via DDA and Short-Term loan. In the event a title is no longer available, as happens with the EBSCO eBooks subscription collections, the records will automatically be removed from EDS, except in cases where you have loaded the record into your custom catalog.

If you have made the decision to include EBSCO eBooks in your custom catalog, and you are an EBSCO eBooks subscription customer, you are responsible for updating and maintaining the records set, just as you would need to for your local OPAC. For information on how to remove records from your EDS custom catalog, please see the following article: How do I delete records from my EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Custom Catalog?.

If you subscribe to EBSCO eBooks subscription collections and want to avoid any additional maintenance, we recommend excluding these eBooks and DDA records from your catalog files.