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How do I enable the eBooks Mobile App for my institution?

The EBSCO eBooks app enables your users to download eBooks from your institution's eBook collection to their mobile devices.

In order for your users to access the app, you must enable it for your institution with your EBSCOadmin account.

Note: Before enabling this feature, you must have an eBooks mobile app profile created and set up your preferred authentication for the EBSCO eBooks mobile app.

To enable the EBSCO eBooks mobile app for your institution:

  1. Log into EBSCOadmin at

  2. Click the Site/Group Maintenance link at the top of the screen.

    site/group maintenance link
  3. Click the Go link under eBooks.

    click the Go link
  4. Check the box for Enable eBooks Mobile (Show in Find My Library Page) at the bottom of the page.

    check the enable ebooks mobile box
  5. Click Submit.