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How do I create an EBSCO eBooks mobile app profile in EBSCOadmin?

The EBSCO eBooks app enables your users to download eBooks from your institution's eBook collection to their mobile devices.

In order for your users to be able to use the EBSCO eBooks mobile app, you must create a dedicated eBooks app profile for your account in EBSCOadmin.

To create a profile for the EBSCO eBooks mobile app:

  1. Log into EBSCOadmin at

  2. From the Customize Services tab, select the group from the Current Group drop-down list with which the new profile will be associated. This group must utilize the authentication method you wish your users to use to log in to the app.

  3. Click the Profile Maintenance link.

    group menu and profile maintenance link
  4. Click the Add a New Profile link.

    add a new profile link
  5. Enter a Profile ID (for example: ebma) and Description.

  6. From the Interface drop-down menu, select eBook Mobile App.

    add a new profile fields
  7. Click Submit.

  8. Click the Back to Customize Services link.

Add your eBook database to the profile

Next, you must add your eBook Collection database to the profile.

  1. From the Choose Profile drop-down list, select the new eBook Mobile App profile.

    choose profile drop-down menu
  2. Click the Databases sub-tab. The Databases Screen displays.

  3. Enable Column – Select the On radio button for the eBook Collection database (nlebk) to enable it on the profile.

    enable nlebk database
  4. Click Submit. Your changes have been saved.


After you've created your eBook App mobile profile, you must set up your preferred order of authentication and then enable the eBook app for your account.

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