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Usage Consolidation Troubleshooting Platforms

Upon loading my usage file to Usage Consolidation, I receive an error. Why?

Some usage files downloaded from a platform provider's report interface may not be formatted appropriately for loading into Usage Consolidation. Below you will find links to platforms whose usage files are known to require alteration.

Common issues include:

  • extra columns
  • extra rows (such as a copyright at the end of a file)
  • information missing from certain data cells
  • wording not exactly matching the COUNTER specifications (e.g. report name and column labels must be in the right spot and exactly match)
  • worksheet name within the file contains punctuation

Click the links below to download example "*.xls" files for COUNTER Journal and Database Reports that you can use to compare with any of your "problem files." The formatting within these files is exactly matched to files that have had no issue uploading to Usage Consolidation.

Platforms whose usage files are known to require alteration:

Artech House (Karger)

EBRARY (ebrary Subscriptions)

Films On Demand

Optics InfoBase (Optical Society of America) (Royal Society of Chemistry)

Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters)


Have you needed to make changes to a platform provider's usage report not found in this list? Let us know so we can add it!


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