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Usage Consolidation Error Messages


Use this section to locate instructions to error messages you might encounter in Usage Consolidation.

Q. When I select "Load Usage," the system displays the message, “No results found.” Why?

You have not yet configured the platforms for which you want to gather usage. Select “Configure Platforms,” then select the platform in question, add the relevant details (see Platform Details help for information about these fields), and then click Save. This platform will then display next time you visit Load Usage.

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Q. Why am I seeing a "Platforms don't match" error message?

When you are loading a COUNTER file, the UC loading process expects the Platform name that appears for each item in the COUNTER report to exactly match the Platform Name of the Platform you selected from the Load Usage list.  This validation is done to prevent inadvertent loading of the wrong usage data.  When you get this error message, it could mean you are loading the wrong file – check the file to be sure. Or it could mean there is a problem with the data in the file and at least one row has an unexpected value for the platform name. For more help on checking the file for errors, click here

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Q. I attempted to save my Platform Details and got the error, “Sorry an error occurred while processing your request.” Why?

The system does not allow HTML to be included in any of the fields. If it sees a “<” character, it will assume there is HTML and displays the error. Remove any HTML coding, or if you have used the “<” character, remove that as well.

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Q. Why am I seeing an "Invalid file contents" error?

See the ProQuest platform manipulation page here for possible issues and solutions for those issues.

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