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Configure Platforms - Usage Consolidation


Looking for instructions from a platform provider about configuring the platforms in your collection? Visit the Platform Reference List page for a comprehensive reference list.

Configure Platforms is where you enter details about the platforms in your collection, including the URLs to access a platform’s usage reports, instructions for retrieving the reports, SUSHI compliance and credentials, and more. The list of platforms available for configuration can be filtered to just those represented by titles in your A-to-Z collection—although resources from a platform need not be part of your A-to-Z collection before the platform appears on the list.

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Add a Platform

  Not seeing a platform utilized by your institution? Contact EBSCO Customer Satisfaction to request a platform be added.

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Configure the Platform

Before any usage can be loaded, you must first configure the platform.

Note: The Configured column in the results grid offers a quick way to see if a platform has already been configured. Select "No" from the drop-down menu to sort by platforms that have not yet been configured.

To configure a platform:

  1. Select Configure Platforms from the main menu. A list of all platforms available in the Knowledge Base will display. The count to the right shows the number of databases or packages from this platform in your collection (if any).

    Configure Platform

  2. Click the name of the platform you want to configure. You will be taken to the Platform Details page.

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