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Load COUNTER Files - Usage Consolidation

Load COUNTER Files

There are two ways to access the Load COUNTER Files page. 

1.    Upload: Click the Upload link, located in the upper right Holdings Management menu, and click the link to Load COUNTER Files.

2.    Platform Details: On the Platform Details Page, you will see a Load Usage link to the right of the Platform Name.

On the Load COUNTER Files page select a file to upload.  

·         Platform: You can then select the Platform you want to load usage for from the Platform menu. NOTE: the Platform menu only contains “configured” platforms. If you wish to load usage for a Platform that is not displaying, go to the Platforms feature first to configure the Platform.

·         Show Only Ready-to-Load Platforms: By selecting this checkbox you can narrow the list of Platforms displaying to only those that should have new usage available for loading. Click here for more information on the Ready-to-Load.

·         Report: This menu only contains the reports that have been enabled for the Platform by the Administrator under the Platforms Reports to Load tab.

COUNTER reports can be loaded two ways:

1.    Manually: You must go to the platform site and download the COUNTER report and then manually upload it into Usage Consolidation.  If the Platform has been well defined in Usage Consolidation, the information you need to manually collect the reports (e.g. Usage Statistics URL, Usage Credentials Username etc.) will display on the right hand side of the Load Usage screen.

2.    SUSHI: If the Platform’s SUSHI credentials have been defined, you can click the “Harvest via SUSHI” button to automatically harvest the COUNTER report.