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COUNTER Item Details and Matching UI - Usage Consolidation

COUNTER Item Details and Matching UI

From the Loaded Items pages, clicking on the Item name takes you to the COUNTER Item Details page (i.e. COUNTER Title Details or COUNTER Database Details).
This page contains key item metadata from the loaded COUNTER report.  When necessary, this metadata can be used to search for a Knowledge Base match.

COUNTER Item Details functions displayed:

·         Info Box: The “Info Box” at the top of the page contains important information about the load (e.g. File Name, Report and Months Covered)  to ensure you don’t lose context.

·         Metadata from COUNTER Report: The data displayed will depend upon the report type.  For example, items on Journal reports display ISSN while those on book reports display ISBN.  

·         Item Status: This indicates whether the item you are viewing is matched, unmatched, ignored etc.  Depending upon the item status, there may be a button allowing you to quickly change the status.

o    Ignore: Adds item to the Ignored list.

o    Remove Manual Match: Removes manual match for item and marks it “unmatched”.

o    Remove from Ignored List: Removes item from the ignored list and changes the status to “unmatched”.

·         Database/Title Match in Knowledge Base: When the item has been matched, this field is populated.

·         Matching UI: The Matching UI is the part of the page with which you can search the Knowledge Base for matches and select your match from the search results.  

o    For unmatched items, the Matching UI is open by default.  For matched items, you must click Browse Matches to open it.

o    The system will also select the best search criteria given the available data and automatically execute the search.

o    To select a match, click the radio button to the left of the item and then Select Match.

o    When the match has been made, a green confirmation banner will display at the top of the screen and you will automatically be advanced to the next item in the list.  To return to view your recently matched item, just use the Prev button.

o    If you have many matches to make and would like to save yourself a click, you can enable One-Click Matching.

·         Usage Summary: The Usage Summary section displays the summary usage data for this item from the COUNTER report.  You can edit the usage data without reloading the report.  Simply click on View/Edit Usage Details and then click into the Count column for the metric/month that requires editing.