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Small Engine Repair Reference Center - FAQs

What is Small Engine Repair Reference Center™ (SERRC)?
Through a collection of comprehensive full-text content, this database provides users with detailed, yet user-friendly repair guides for all manner of small engines. All of the content is organized in a powerful, easy-to-use manner so that users can quickly gain the information they need. To view a complete product description, key content features, and a coverage list for Small Engine Repair Reference Center, click here.

Which search screens are available on SERRC?
You may conduct a Basic Search or an Advanced Search of SERRC; you may also browse repair topics by category or search by publication.

On SERRC, the default start page is always the Home Page. The Home Page Search always presents a Single Find Field, and is not customizable by the library administrator. However, the library administrator can change the style of the Advanced Search screen's Find field.

How can I set up a URL to link directly into SERRC?
URL parameters can be used to enable direct links from an external web page to the SERRC Home Page. A sample URL is:

The URL can be modified for other login pages, for example:

  • login.aspx?site=serrc&authtype=custuid&custid={CustomerID}
  • login.aspx?site=serrc&authtype=uid
  • login.aspx?site=serrc&authtype=cpid&custid={CustomerID}
  • login.aspx?site=serrc&authtype=url,uid

If you would like your users to bypass the Select Service Screen and go directly to a specific EBSCO interface, you should pass the profile parameter on your URL. For example, to reach the Small Engine Repair Reference Center Home Page, use this URL:,uid&profile=serrc

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