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Small Engine Repair Reference Center - Browse by Category

The Home Page is a starting point for using Small Engine Repair Reference Center (SERRC). From the SERRC Home Page, you can Browse by Category for small engine maintenance and repair instructional documents. SERRC categories identify the engine types for which content exists. Each main SERRC category contains several engine manufacturers. When browsing an engine category, you click through a hierarchy of engine manufacturers, models, and components until you reach a document on the specific topic of your choice. For example, Motorcycles -> Harley Davidson -> FXD Evolution, 1991-1998 -> Brakes -> Front Brake Pads 

To browse for Small Engine Repair Reference Center Projects:

  1. From the Home Page, in the Browse by Category area, click an Engine Category.

    Home Screen

    A list of Small Engine Repair Reference Center Engine Manufacturers is displayed.

    Browse Category Screen
  2. Click an Engine Manufacturer and then review the list of small engine items produced by the selected manufacturer for which maintenance content exists in SERRC.

    Sub-Category Screen
  3. Continue to navigate through the hierarchy of small engine Category Subtopics by clicking items (engine component, function, etc.) until you reach the desired item.

  4. Click the item to display the document.


  • If you perform a keyword search while viewing an engine Category or Subtopic page, Small Engine Repair Reference Center searches the entire database – your results are not limited to the Engine Category or Subtopic selected.

  • To return to a previous level, click a link in the hierarchy path displayed above the Category Subtopics or, if you are viewing a document, click the Back link.