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Social Work Reference Center - Sending Feedback

Social Work Reference Center (SWRC) includes the ability to send feedback to your institution's administrator.

Your administrator decides whether the Send Feedback feature is enabled.

To submit feedback:

  1. Click the Send Feedback link in the top right corner of any SWRC screen. The Send Feedback Screen appears.

    send feedback screen

  2. Enter your name and e-mail address.

  3. Type your question in the Your Question text box.

  4. If you have current search history available, it appears at the bottom of the screen. To includes it with the e-mail, mark the Include Current Search History checkbox.

  5. Click Send. A confirmation screen displays. Your question is sent via e-mail to your administrator.

Note: Depending on how your administrator has configured SWRC, the Send Feedback link may appear with a different title.