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Rehabilitation Reference Center - Basic Search

From the Rehabilitation Reference Center (RRC) Home Page, you can perform a Basic Search, review Health News, learn about RRC Key Features, or Search Custom Services configured for you by your library administrator.

To conduct a Basic Search from the Home Page:

  1. From the Home Page, enter your search terms in the Find field.

    RRC basic search

  2. Click Search. RRC displays a Result List.

    search results

    The search terms are retained in the Find field above the Result List. The Result List is sorted by "source type"--for example, Clinical Reviews, Guidelines, Books, etc. To view a different source type, click the appropriate tab.


  • If you click the Rehabilitation Reference Center logo, you are returned to the Basic Search screen with all your search terms cleared.

  • If you click the Refine Search link, you are returned to the Home Page with your search terms remembered.

  • If you click the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search Screen with your search terms carried forward.

  • If you have additional RRC-compatible EBSCO databases included in your RRC profile, those databases are also searched. This includes all CINAHL and MEDLINE databases.

  • If you perform a search without defining limiters, depending on your search terms, your results might be very broad. For example, searching for “heart” without limiters selected produces thousands of results. If you want more focused results, click to select one or more items in the Nursing Process Limiter checkbox or use the Advanced Search screen.

  • If enabled by your RRC administrator, clustering of results is available only when there are more than fifteen result list items. Clustered results are available by Subject and by Source.