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Read It! Reading an ELL Article

ELL Articles are specifically written for English Language Learners. They contain information about a topic and a comprehension test with questions that test how well the reader understands and remembers the article.        


Comprehension Tests

Comprehension tests include questions that test how well the reader understands and remembers the article.
Readers can review them before reading the article and/or after to aid with understanding ideas and new vocabulary. There are two types of test questions: multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank.

Readers can check their answers by clicking the Test Answers link under Related Information (on the right side of the article.)

You an also locate Test Answers for an article using the search box at the top of the Read It! page.

  1. Type the title of the article in the search box. Example: Weather
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select "Extreme Weather: Comprehension Test Answers."


Related Information

The Related Information box, which appears on the right side of the article page, contains additional information about a topic. Related Information has three parts:

  • Build Background: These links bring you to other ELL Articles that relate directly to your topic. They help you to build your understanding of the topic and offer more reading practice, too.
  • Learn More: These links bring you to ELL Articles on topics that are similar to your current topic. The information in these articles may also be helpful.
  • Test Answers: This section shows a link to the test answers for the article.


Tools Menu

When viewing an article, there are several tools available to you on the right-hand side of the screen.

  • Folder Icon Add to folder - Add the article to the session folder or your personal My EBSCOhost folder.
  • Print - Print the article.
  • E-mail - E-mail the article to yourself or multiple e-mail addresses.
  • Save - Save the article to a destination on your computer.
  • Cite - Retrieve citation information for the article in several different formats.
  •  Export - Export the article to your bibliographic management software.
  •  Create Note - Save a note on the article to your My EBSCOhost folder.
  • Permalink - Copy and paste a persistent link to the article.
  •  Share - Share the article to one of many to social bookmarking sites such as dig,, Technorati, bloglines, etc.
  • Google Classroom Share Button Google Classroom - Google Apps for Education users can share Explora content to Google Classroom™
  •  Listen - Hear the HTML Full Text of an article read to you using Text-to-Speech. (If enabled by your administrator.)
  •  Translate - Translate the HTML Full Text of the article to one of many available languages. (If enabled by your administrator.)