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Read It! Browsing Publications

Browsing by Publication

Read It! gives you the ability to browse content by publication name from the Advanced Search Screen.

  1. From the top tool bar or under the Browse box on the Advanced Search screen, click the Publications link. The Publication Authority File appears, with the beginning of the list displayed.

  2. Enter your search terms in the Browse for field. You can enter all or part of a publication name. (For example, you could enter Declaration of Independence or just the word Declaration.)

  3. Select a search type. Click one:
  • Alphabetical - Finds journals beginning with the letters you entered. Results are displayed in alphabetical order.
  • By Subject & Description - Finds publications that carry that term in the Subject, Description or Title fields of the Publication Details.
  1. Click Browse to view your terms as they appear in the Publication Authority File. A Result List is displayed.

  2. You may also browse the list by using the A to Z links or the Previous/Next Page links.

For a description of the journal or publication, click the hyperlinked Publication Name. The information found in the Publication Details may include the title, ISSN, publisher information (name, address, publisher URL), title history, bibliographic record and full text coverage, publication type, the subject and/or a description of the journal, and whether the journal is peer reviewed.

To view either a list of available issues, or access a single issue if that is all that is available, click on the Hyperlinked year on the right side of the Publication Detail. 

Searching Within a Publication

You may also search for articles within a publication.

  1. From a journal's Publication Detail screen, click the Search within this publication link.


  2. The Search screen appears with the JN tag and the journal name entered in the Find field. Add any additional search terms and/or limiters and click Search.


  3. A Result List is displayed.

Marking Items for Search

You can use the Mark Items for Search feature to search several publications at the same time, or to combine publication names with other search terms. To search for several publications at the same time:

  1. With the Publication Result List displayed, mark the check boxes to the left of the publications you want to search.

  2. Click Add. The publications you selected are placed in the Find field on the Search Screen. (They are combined with "or.") To search within those publications, click Search. To revise your search, you can add more terms in the Find field and click Search.


For example, enter battle in the Browse for field and click Browse. You could then mark the publications Battle of Antietam and Battle of Bunker Hill. Click Add. Your selections would be posted in the Find field as:

(JN "Battle of Antietam") OR (JN "Battle of Bunker Hill")

You could click Search, and obtain results from both publications. You could also edit your search in the Find field, adding "AND humanity" to your search. This would provide a different set of search results.