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Read It! and Course Crafters

About the author, ELL experts Course Crafters, Inc.

Course Crafters, Inc.

Course Crafters, internationally-known as specialists in developing products for English language learners (ELLs), is the co-creator and content author of Read It!

Course Crafters worked with ELL specialists across the country to identify content, features and functionality that was desired in an online research resource. Using this information, Course Crafters and EBSCO jointly developed Read It! The collaborative efforts of both companies resulted in a high quality product that has rich content that covers the U.S. curriculum and an interface that is intuitive for researchers.

Course Crafters developed the content for Read It! using a team of writers, editors and subject matter experts who specialize in and are dedicated to creating high-quality resources and materials for English language learners and the educators who serve them.

Since 1993, Course Crafters, Inc. has been a developer of successful educational materials for learners of English as a Second Language (ESL), kindergarten through adult education. Course Crafters is committed to creating high-quality instructional programs and easy-to-use reference materials that help schools and libraries to ensure the success of the growing population of ELLs, in the classroom and on the job. Course Crafters works with publishers, as well as directly with schools and libraries, to provide instructional materials and resources for ELLs of all ages and English ability levels, in print and online form.