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Points of View Reference Center - Searching for Images or Videos

Points of View Reference Center allows users to search available images and videos from the top toolbar. Users can search within the Image Quick View Collection and the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century.

To search images and videos:

  1. From the Basic Search screen, click the Images/Video link in the top toolbar.

  2. Enter your search terms in the search box, apply any desired limiters or expanders, and click Search.


    A result list of images and videos matching your search terms is displayed.


  3. Under Database in the left column, click Show More, check Image Quick View Collection box to view all available images related to your search. Your results will automatically update.

  4. Click on an image thumbnail to view the image. From the Detailed Record screen, you can view a high resolution of an image, view the original item's source citation information, or view the full text of the article in which the image appears.

  5. To limit your results to videos only, remove the check marks from the Image Collection boxes under Database. Your results will automatically update.

  6. Click on a Video link in the left-hand column to view the video.