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Points of View Reference Center - Browsing by Subject

Points of View Reference Center allows you to browse a list of subjects or subject terms.

To browse the Subject Authority File:

  1. Click the Subjects link at the top of the Points of View Reference Center Home Page screen. The Browse Subjects screen displays.

  2. Enter your search terms in the Browse field.

  3. Select a display option from the available radio buttons below the Browse field. Select Term Begins With, Term Contains, and Relevancy Ranked.

  4. Click the Browse button to view your terms as they appear in the Subject Authority File. 

  5. The Result List appears. There may be a hierarchy of subdivisions related to your search. Click any of the hyperlinked terms to view information for them.

  6. You can mark the check box for one or multiple terms and click the Add button. The terms are added to the Find field. To run a subject search against the main database, click the Search button.


    You can click on a subject term to view any available Scope Notes, Broader Terms, Narrower Terms, or Related Terms.

  7. If the Explode check box is present, you can check it to explode your term when it is added to the Find field. Exploding a term means that the search will retrieve all references indexed to that term, as well as all references indexed to any narrower term(s).