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Points of View Reference Center - Browsing by Category

Points of View Categories identify the general subjects in which Points of View essays exist. Each Category contains four or more Topics. Each Topic contains Points of View specific content.

To Browse by Category:

  1. From the Home Page, click a Topic link under the Category heading. Click the plus (+) sign beside More to expand the list of Topics. Click the minus (-) sign to show Less.

  2. Points of View displays a Full Text Overview of the Topic. The Related Items column contains the following:

    • Point – The Point essay presents one side of the issue.
    • Counterpoint – The Counterpoint essay presents information opposing the Point essay's position.
    • Guide to Critical Analysis – The Guide to Critical Analysis helps students further explore an issue by offering exercises and assignments. This encourages students to scrutinize essay text, evaluate differences between fact and opinion, research other perspectives, and form individual opinions.
    • Maps
    • News stories
    • What the experts say
    • Research Guides – provide information on topics to help students with their research, such as how to write a thesis statement and how to cite sources.
    • Curriculum Standards – links educators to EBSCO's Academic Benchmarks application, which provides a number of recommended Search Strings to help them find relevant, professional content that will support state and Common Core learning objectives.

  1. Click Detailed Record for the article's citation information.

Note: If you perform a keyword search while viewing a Topic, Points of View searches the entire database - your results are not limited to the Topic selected.