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Points of View Reference Center - Basic Searching

The Home Page is a starting point for using Points of View Reference Center. From the Home Page you can perform a keyword search, browse by category, or browse topics in the news. 

The Reference Shelf area (located on the right-hand column of the Home Page) provides information and guidance for students conducting research for an essay, as well as a Curriculum Standards tool for educators.

Also located on the Home Page is an In the Spotlight box, which features a topic of interest that is rotated on a regular basis. 

To conduct a Basic Search from the Home Page:

  1. Enter your search terms in the search box and click Search.

  2. A Result List displays.


  3. Click on the title to view the article details screen, or click the full-text link to view the complete article. Hover your cursor over the preview preview_icon.jpg icon to view article details, or click the folder foldericon.gif icon to save the article to your personal folder.


  • The search box is displayed above the result list. Your search terms, limiters, and expanders are retained.

  • To revise your search, you can apply the limiters under Refine Results. Click the Show More link to view all available limiters and expanders.

  • If you click the Points of View Reference Center logo, you are returned to the Home Page with your search terms cleared and search parameters reset.

  • If you perform a keyword search while viewing a Points of View Reference Center Category, Points of View Reference Center searches the entire database — your results are not limited to the Category selected.

  • If you click the Advanced Search link, you are taken to the Advanced Search Screen with your search terms carried forward.