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How does Points of View challenge critical thinking and encourage debate?

Because developing higher-level thinking skills and analytical acumen in students were the major goals for Points of View Reference Center, EBSCO studied curriculum standards during POV's development. Most specifically, EBSCO focused on history, science, and language arts standards. By doing this - historical, ethical and socio-political relevance, debate skills, and position paper writing are engrained into all aspects of Points of View - from the study guides (How To...) to the structure of the essays themselves.

Additionally, the importance of critical thinking skills was considered essential during the development of Points of View. The interface and essays were created with the intent of guiding students through the full scope of a controversial topic. Thus, each Point and Counterpoint essay concludes with a series of study questions called "Ponder This." To answer these questions, students must engage in analytical thought that further enables them to generate their own well-developed evaluation of an issue. This process provides students with the tools necessary to progress in creating their own critical stance for use in a position paper or as debate material. The instructional guides, especially the topic-specific Guides to Critical Analysis, also assist students in learning analytical skills.