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What content is included in Points of View Reference Center and how often is it updated?

Points of View Reference Center (POV) includes coverage of more than 300 controversial topics, each with:

  • Foundation articles: Overview, Point, Counterpoint essays
  • Guide to Critical Analysis
  • Questions for evaluation to build higher-level thinking
  • Editor-selected articles, biographies, images, primary source documents
  • Research Guides to debate, developing arguments, writing position papers, preparing for research, assessing sources

All essays exemplify good position paper structure. They help researchers to understand an issue by including a clear summary, thesis, as well as questions for further study and understanding.

In addition, Points of View Reference Center includes thousands of supporting articles from the world’s top political and societal publications, providing a backdrop for further exploration of controversial topics. Clicking on a topic automatically searches these publications, ensuring the articles retrieved are relevant to the topic selected. This collection complementing the foundation essays is comprised of proprietary and licensed full text articles. Instructional materials help researchers better understand the controversies. Emphasis is placed upon guiding readers to develop analytical thinking skills, and to prepare persuasive arguments and debates. Additionally, Points of View includes over 3,000 full text sources for further research. This includes:

  • top social and political periodicals – cover to cover
  • periodicals from which thousands of selective articles are chosen
  • primary source documents for further study
  • reference books
  • country reports
  • related biographies
  • newspapers
  • images
  • streaming videos from the Video Encyclopedia of the Twentieth Century

New topics are added to Points of View (POV) on a quarterly basis. Licensed content — including periodicals, newspapers, and images — is updated twice daily. An annual update occurs to ensure that content and bibliographic citations are current.