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Which features are contained in the Related Items sidebar of every Overview essay in Points of View Reference Center?

The Points of View Reference Center Related Items sidebar contains:

  • Easy access to Overview, Point, Counterpoint, Guide to Critical Analysis
  • What the Experts Say - Expert and authoritative opinions can be found under “What the Experts Say” in the sidebar, and on any of the other source tabs returned with a search. Unique to products of this kind, Points of View Reference Center features only the most relevant articles and materials.
  • Instructional Research Guides - Both students and instructors can use these guides to build skills in writing position papers, develop debate technique, and heighten critical thinking skills. Topics include: 
    1. Choosing a Topic
    2. Evaluating a Website
    3. Writing a Topic Sentence
    4. How to Understand the Bias of a Publication
  • Related images
  • Related articles chosen by editors
  • Curriculum Standards