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Canadian Points of View Reference Centre Curriculum Unit: Social Issues in Canada

The following curriculum unit was developed for Sociology 12 students in Nova Scotia by Erin Dunn-Keefe, a literacy coach for the South Shore Regional School Board. Sociology 12 is designed to introduce students to the scientific study of human society and interaction. The unit is divided into two parts. Both lessons support Unit 4 - Social Organization: Living Together as Humans, as defined by Nova Scotia Department of Education curriculum standards.

The first lesson, "Socialization: Divorce in Canada," introduces students to how social factors, such as divorce, can shape human behavior and uses content from EBSCO's Canadian Points of View Reference Centre. The second lesson, "Social Issues Seminar," asks students to synthesize what they learned in the first lesson to develop their own mini-seminars based on other societal issues in Canada, again using content from Canadian Points of View Reference Centre.

Document Download: CPOVRC_Curriculum_Unit_Social_Issues_in_Canada.pdf