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Why are no results found in Poetry and Short Story Reference Center when I combine certain limiters?

Some limiters will yield only records that have been specially indexed—particularly those records which come from proprietary Salem Press publications—and works and authors who have been identified by subject experts as “most studied.” You would enable these limiters to target records with specialized literary subject terms or characteristics of an author or a work. However, when you apply these limiters in combination with other limiters, the search syntax may be too restrictive and result in no articles found.

To avoid this, do not combine the following limiters with other limiters on the Advanced Search screen:

  • Author’s Birth Century
  • Author’s Death Century
  • Literary Genre
  • Poet’s National Identity
  • Poet’s Cultural Identity
  • Author’s Gender

Once you locate your desired Author(s) or Work(s), you can then expand your search using links from the records, or you can narrow results using the facets, source types, and other refining tools found on the left side of the Result List screen.