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Poetry and Short Story Reference Center eBook FAQs

The following are frequently asked questions about the eBooks sub-collection in Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (PSSRC).

How many eBooks are in the sub-collection and what were the criteria for selection?

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (PSSRC) features a sub-collection of 521 eBooks.  These eBooks relate to the most studied poets and authors showcased in PSSRC.

Can I remove the eBook sub-collection from PSSRC?

No, you can not remove or turn off access because the eBook sub-collection comes packaged with PSSRC.

Does PSSRC provide multi-user access to eBook titles?

Yes, PSSRC provides multi-user access to all eBooks in the sub-collection.

Will I get MARC records for the eBooks separately?

Yes, you will get MARC records for the eBooks separately.

Is the eBook collection in PSSRC a static collection or will it change during the subscription period?

The eBook collection is a dynamic collection in the sense that new titles will replace any titles that lose rights to be part of the subscription.

Do I need Adobe® Reader® to access eBooks in PSSRC?  Is the functionality similar to EBSCOhost's eBook collection?

Yes, the functionality is similar to that offered for EBSCOhost's eBook colllection. You will need Adobe® Reader® to download the eBooks.


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