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Patient Education Reference Center - Browsing Drug Information

The Drug Information tab in Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) includes drugs searchable by generic and brand names. Adult and pediatric drug information is written at the 6th to 7th grade reading level. Handouts are easy to read and follow a question-and-answer format.

To use the Drug Information tab:

  1. From any of the search screens, click the Drug Information tab.   

    Drug Information Browse Screen

  2. You can do any of the following:

    • Enter the drug name in the Browse for field and then click the Browse button.

      • If you know the exact name of the drug and how it is referenced in PERC, click the Alphabetical button.

      • If you are not sure how the drug is referenced within PERC, or if you want to search for other related diseases and conditions, click the Relevancy Ranked button.

    • Use the A - Z links to locate the procedure or lab test via an alphabetical list.

  3. Click the drug name in the Browse List. The article details display.

    Drug Information Details Screen