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Patient Education Reference Center Promotion Kit

Thank you for purchasing Patient Education Reference Center (PERC). We welcome you to the EBSCO family of Biomedical Products with a New Customer Welcome Package, containing an array of promotional materials our customers find useful in getting started.

Best Practices for Adoption of Patient Education Reference Center
One page document including tips on introducing PERC to clinicians, developing the deployment plan and designating advocates, assessing nursing education needs, and more.

Patient Education Reference Center Case Scenarios
Clinical scenarios presenting health knowledge needs and how PERC can help educate patients and families. Useful for classroom teaching or Lunch & Learn sessions.

Video and PowerPoint Tutorials
Our video tutorials provide audio narration with matching text to guide users on how to make the most of interface's features. Our accompanying PowerPoint versions offer the same helpful information in slides.

Promotional Materials
Spread the word about Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) using these colorful and engaging materials, including downloadable graphics that can be used as links or advertisements, in print or on a website.

Online training is also available. Visit our Online Training page to sign up for an upcoming training or watch one of several recorded trainings.

Note: Patient Education Reference Center can be added as a referential link or infobutton to a clinical information system, EMR/EHR or other Health IT application. This enables you to make Patient Education Reference Center available from multiple access points to ensure that users can access the content any time they are making key decisions. Resources will require a Manager, IT resource and EP tech support.