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Patient Education Reference Center - Case Scenario #2 - Celiac Disease

Clinical Case Scenario #2

Health Education for Mother of a Child with Celiac Disease

Clinical Scenario

Mrs. A. brings her 4-year old daughter Cara to the Pediatrician for evaluation. Cara has been listless and losing weight. She refuses to eat. She has the look of a dehydrated child. Mrs. A. also reports that Cara has had a noticeable change in her bowel movements.

The Pediatrician examines Cara and orders blood and stool tests, including an Antibody Detection test. The results of these and other tests are consistent with Celiac Disease.

The Pediatrician and pediatric team use Patient Education Reference Center for information to help teach Mrs. A about celiac disease and its treatment.

Searching in Patient Education Reference Center (PERC)

From the home page, the pediatric medical assistant searches Celiac Disease. She prints the handout for Mrs. A, and then chooses the Procedures source type to print Antibody Detection.

The pediatric nutritionist counsels Mrs. A on treatment for Celiac Disease, which includes a gluten-free diet and prescription vitamins. The nutritionist chooses the Diet source type and prints Gluten-free Diet and Celiac Disease (Medications) for information about supplemental vitamins and minerals. Mrs. A is also given an article about a patient’s personal history for perspective in what will be a significant lifestyle change.

Together they review the basic diet requirements. Mrs. A and Cara will see the nutritionist several times in the following week. Cara’s weight will be monitored carefully as well as improvement in her overall symptoms.

Handouts for Pediatric Team Folders in PERC

Autoimmune Disorders: Celiac Disease
          Fecal Occult Blood
          Antibody Detection
          Celiac Disease Medications
          In His Own Words: Living with Celiac Disease