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Best Practices for Adoption of Patient Education Reference Center

The key to widespread adoption of Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) by nurses and other professional staff is to demonstrate support for its use:

  • “Turn on” PERC and include it on an electronic resources page or intranet site. There should be easy and intuitive navigation which is consistent with other electronic resources. Contact EBSCO technical support for any difficulty;

  • Present the Patient Education Reference Center PowerPoint sent in the PERC New Customer Welcome Package email, to nurse educators and nurse managers;

  • Develop a plan for notifying physicians, nurses, and other professional staff to PERC’s availability and potential uses;

  • Post the URL, clinical resources page, library page, or other intranet source, where PERC will be accessed;

  • Visit clinical areas and show PERC (live site) to the staff;

  • Disseminate the sample clinical case scenarios found in the Welcome Package to stimulate interest and demonstrate how easy it is to use PERC;

  • Holding Lunch & Learn sessions so that nurses can work through practice cases;

  • Encourage staff to attend an online PERC training session. To register, go to